Michelle C. Gevint

Everything I wanted to see but couldn’t, 2018 The fictional collage printed on the blinds is of a partial structure-  a concrete staircase leading nowhere, situated in a desolate landscape. It is a displaced architectural detail that has lost its functionality. The Concrete, a functional heavy protective material is contrasted with the light translucent blinds. The blinds suggest an existence of a window, a gateway which in its essence allows for passage, but the window is not really there. The Blinds also allude to the existence of an architectural space specifically a clerical or office space signifying the mundane, ordinary and repetitive. A space which is designed in its essence to prioritize functionality over form. The wooden beams framing the blinds allude to a partially built structure, a base of a structure that hasn’t been completed just like the staircase itself that seems like a structure that hasn’t been completed.

© Michelle C. Gevint 2018