Michelle C. Gevint




                         Project proposal: ‘Synagogue, 3D printed white plastic, 8mm film projection
                           In 1968, the architect Zvi Hecker designed a synagogue located on a military base in the South of Israel.
                          Made from exposed concrete, the synagogue is faceted like a crystal and resembles a beehive.
                          The structure’s Modernist influences embodied the promise of the new developing country.
                          That said, the synagogue has always had restricted access due to its location within a military base
                          and as such reflects the idea of an isolated structure within a structure. Based on Zvi Hecker’s construction,
                          my installation, ‘synagogue’ explores the narrative of space, questioning aspirations depicted through both
                          architectural practice and its representations in photography and sculpture. Using 3D printing technologies,
                          This is a diorama based on a photographic collages. The bunker-like synagogue allows a glimpse into an encapsulated
                          world composed of smaller architectural models. By creating a world within a world and directing the way in which
                          the viewer engages with the installation, I play with the relationship between obstructing and revealing information.

© Michelle C. Gevint 2018