Michelle C. Gevint



Surveillance Of A Diorama City,2014, 2:24, single channel

In a digitized world where physical material translates into abstract data, I create my own process of deconstruction playing with the relationship between material and its disintegration. Using a 8mm film camera, I document an imaginary city that I created from miniature 3D printed architectural models. The miniature structures are approximately 4" by 5" and are made out of white plastic. Each structure is based on a 2D collage I created from found imagery of modernist architecture. The video functions as a surveillance camera moving around surveying, examining, assessing and documenting. Resembling ex-rays, the buildings dissolve and reappear. They flicker like light coming into the frame and disappear into black shadows. In this city of disintegrating buildings, where no human beings exist, I question Utopian modernist thought and allude to a dystopian reality.
© Michelle C. Gevint 2018